[wp-svg-icons custom_icon="shiftdownyoga" wrap="i"] Lunch Flow mit Jael ab 4. Oktober

Lunch Flow mit Jael ab 4. Oktober

The class is held in English. Jael describes her approach to Yoga: „My lessons focuses on the triad of body, mind and soul. Through meditation, breath, asanas and communication from the heart we practice shining our own light and do our part in bringing healing to the world. Detached from external expectations or our own ego pressure, we practice unconditional appreciation for who we are individually and who we are as a collective heart. Together we listen deeper within ourselves and find our own sweet spot between challenge and relaxation with compassion. By doing so we build a deeper connection to our own intuition that empowers us to trust the inner power of the universe on the path through life.“

Lunch Flow
12:15 – 13:15