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Lori teaches with a blend of styles. She is an intuitive teacher, meaning she teaches to the student in front of her and adapts the class to the needs of those who are present. Her classes are accessible for all people and body types. In her class you will practice a mix of Hatha Flow and Somatic principals with the mindfulness of alignment and kinetic movement. Considering how the anatomical body works as our bodies take the various shapes of asana. Students leave her class feeling open, warm and hopeful with a sense of gratitude for showing up to their mat.
Lori has been a Yoga practitioner for almost 30 years and began teaching in 2018 after she moved to Munich from California, USA, 2015.

Along with her 200 RYT training she has trained, taught and is utterly passionate for the practice of Restorative Yoga; the practice and art of learning deep relaxation.
While her active yoga classes give the student the movement and strength to connect to breath and one’s self. She hopes that by teaching Restorative Yoga and incorporating Restorative Yoga into her active classes, it will ignite the desire and curiosity of her students to find their stillness and peace within.

Lori teaches her students that a Restorative Yoga practice is not a replacement to their active practice but an addition to their practice and life. Understanding that the importance of being mindful in silence, stillness, darkness and in warmth can, give you the openness and space to explore your inner self and bring more joy to your life and to always remember there is always time to hug your bolster…

Lori’s studies consist of:
200hr RYT Plus and over 100 hours of specialized trainings in Yoga Anatomy and Back Care and Somatic strengthening and rest.
30hr Restorative Teacher Training with, Lizzie Lasater
30hr Relax and Renew® level 2, Judith Hanson Lasater
5 times assistant to Judith Hanson Lasater for her Relax and Renew level 1 Teacher Training.